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A vending machine only for 2PM, which requires their acrobatics to get drinks

A vending machine only for 2PM, given by the group’s manager, is currently attracting attention.

Recently on YouTube, a video titled “A vending machine only for 2PM, which is twice bigger than an ordinary one” has been released.

This vending machine, given by 2PM’s manager, is twice taller than an ordinary one, so 2PM members need to collaborate in order to get drinks. However, it is interesting that the drinks are also twice bigger than ordinary ones. The “2PM” vending machine is installed by a coke brand for which 2PM are working as models.

2PM’s manager saw 2PM member Chan Sung’s comment on his Twitter account that says, “I’m always sorry to bother my managers to get drinks for me,” and just gave a vending machine to 2PM.

In the video, 2PM members are struggling to get drinks from the vending machine. The video was taken by a hidden camera installed inside of the machine. Especially, Nickhun and Taec Yeon are being witty to perform a dance and acrobatics to press a button on the machine to get drinks.

Also at the end, all 2PM members are getting a laugh by building a tower with their bodies to get drinks but soon failing because the member on the top doesn’t have money.

The “2PM” vending machine is also installed in Samsung-dong COEX Mall for people to experience.

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