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After School’s Jooyeon always has the same hairstyle

“Why is she always having the bangs only?”

After School’s Jooyeon never grew her bangs or cut them short. At this, many fans of hers are wondering why.

On April 27, a post about Jooyeon was uploaded on an online community board. It writes, “I think Jooyeon is the prettiest out of all After School members. But why is she always having the bangs?”

Indeed, Jooyeon is having the bangs in all pictures that have been uploaded on her personal website and Twitter account since her debut in 2009.

Even if Jooyeon loves the bangs, she’s a celebrity who needs to change her style frequently. At this, many people are wondering if she has a scar on her forehead.

People responded: “I suppose she will change her style someday,” “Is that because she wants to look young?” “I want to see her face without the bangs,” “I’m really wondering why.”

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