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Alexander Eusebio Fanparties With His Xanderettes

Alexander Eusebio revisited Singapore for his first solo fanmeeting with mixed feelings, and the fear of being forgotten. But Xanderettes(a term coined by his Singapore fans) proved him wrong, by showing they are still standing strong by him with love and support. He was surprised to see a crowd awaiting his arrival at the airport at night. Prepared with his favourite bubbletea, Gongcha, many were trying to pass it to him upon his arrival. Although the number of fans is not as big a crowd to cause traffic jams or blockges, in the words of Xander(as he likes to be called), “It’s the quality, not quantity”. In fact, the fanparty was organized exclusively for Xanderettes. Fans got to enjoy tons of fanservice and have close interactions with Xander throughout the 2-day event. During the games, Xander looked into the crowd to pick the participants and a balloon figurine caught his eye. The fan then gave it to him and ‘balloon doll’ became Xander’s girlfriend of the day.

Spreading his infectious laughter and smile, the atmosphere was a relaxed and happy one. Fans returned his love by celebrating his birthday in advance. A fanmade video was played, almost moving Xander to tears but he showed his strong front still. A birthday cake was also prepared, of his favourite flavor; durian. Thereafter, he teased fans by breathing out exaggeratedly.

Xander potrayed his caring side when he sincerely revealed his feelings and reminded his fans to ‘Just Be Happy’. Encouraging them to dream big and never to give up, it felt like a intimate close moment between Xander and his fans.

Not bearing to part ways, Xander did an impromptu wish-fulfilling act. Asking his fans for one last thing they want him to do, promising to fulfill it, fans eagerly shout out their suggestions. It was decided that he would show his aegyo by doing the ever-famous ‘bbuing-bbuing’ action.

With a promise to be back again, the fanparty ended. Certainly an exclusive event, it brought Xanderettes even closer to Alexander.

(But that was not all, Xander let out a ‘secret’ that he would be staying on for awhile to visit his relatives in Singapore and teased fans by saying “catch me if you can!“)

Korea.com would like to thank local organizer Mode Entertainment for the kind invitation to this exclusive fanparty. Follow them on twitter and facebook for future events!

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