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Amoeba Concert with Dynamic Duo, Simon D, and Kero one with special guest Dumbfounded

“Time moves slowly, time moves quick” — Kero One. This was exactly what happened in the Amoeba Concert. Time moves really slowly when the concert hasn’t started yet, but when you are enjoying it, it moves by so fast. The Amoeba Concert had Dynamic Duo, Simon D, and Kero One, with special guest Dumbfounded, who performed at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, California, on April 14, 2012. An event of the perfect size for a more intimate interaction between the artists and the fans.

(House of Blues has unique architecture. When you first see it, it feels like it will collapse because it looks like it is made out of scrap pasted together, but it’s totally the opposite inside. (Definitely a good example of “don’t judge a book by its cover.”)

Around 6:34, we were lucky enough to see bits of the performers’ rehearsals.

At around 6:00 pm, people were already lining up for this momentous event, and at 6:40

pm, VIP ticket holders were able to get in first and have their pictures taken together with Simon D and Dynamic Duo. Slowly, the floor started filling up, and before you knew it, it was already filled with the crowd waiting to start the party! Fans that were lucky enough to get super-close to the stage got to see the artists even closer and even got to shake their hands.

Dumbfounded opened the event, and he really heated up the stage with his upbeat rapping. Everyone had their hands up, waving and smashing through air while he rapped. He sang and rapped a total of six songs in English. He spouted out his words so fast that I could barely understand what he was saying, but the crowd seemed to be understanding what he said as they bobbed their heads up and down. His rapping skills were amazing! He also added that his mom was there and he only invites her to his sold-out events to make her think that all his shows are sold out. He joked around while talking in Korean and English interchangeably. (He is the one in the blue/denim shirt)

Kero One was the next performer. His performance was also phenomenal. He performed about eight rap songs in English. His songs were very meaningful as I heard some parts of his lyrics. The performers’ rapping skills are just astounding. They can really rap, and I was on the edge of my seat trying so hard to decipher what they were saying as they continued to rap away. Kero One also performed his new single “What am I supposed to do?” in which I think he was talking about what he should do in response to all the problems that world is facing.

After Kero One left the stage, an introduction video played and the crowd got wilder. Simon D was up next and everyone was screaming, and it seemed like they were really waiting for him. When he started singing, the crowd also sang along. The audience participation was amazing! Everyone was having a really good time and echoing what he said to echo. Ladies especially were mesmerized not only by his striking pretty-boy features, but also by his rocking rapping skills. He performed about eight Korean rap songs, and I never thought I would ever hear a person rap in Korean as fast as he did. He was very energetic while performing and so were the fans. There was water splashing during his performance as well.

When the last performers of the night, Dynamic Duo, came up on the stage, they were also welcomed with much love from the fans. Cheers were already heard while their introduction video was playing. As soon as the first note of their music played, everyone was already ready to rock! They added more fuel to the already burning stage with their stage presence. They did their famous “eh eh eh eh Say! Who are we?” and the crowd excitedly replied, “DYNAMIC DUO.” Audience participation was really great. They performed many of their hit songs like “거기서거기 (Without You)” and many more. It was definitely a night to enjoy Korean music and let out everyone’s inner party person.

Overall, the atmosphere during the event was like that of a club; the only difference was that you heard Korean rap. It almost resembled a club in Korea, but people weren’t really dancing because there wasn’t any room. This was a very enjoyable event and a whole new experience for me even though I often goy to K-pop concerts. You should definitely check this event out if you have the chance.

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