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Big Bang and Sean make a special holiday visit to a sick child

Last week, a desperate father posted his plea for a miracle – his daughter is an incredibly ill patient diagnosed with Leukemia, and it was her last wish to meet Big Bang’s Daesung. Word spread quickly, since the father submitted his request through DCDS (a message board for Daesung fans). To his surprise, both Daesung and Jinusean’s Sean rushed to the hospital where the patient, Jung Eun, was confined.

The father wrote a touching thank you letter immediately afterwards, and said that his daughter was so revitalized by Daesung’s visit that she scolded her father for using the words, “final wish“.

On December 24th, the family experienced a Christmas that they’re sure to never forget. Jung Eun’s father wrote an update through DC inside, and his story has warmed hearts all over the world.

It’s the night before Christmas.
The news warned of a Christmas cold front and the weather was indeed very cold, but for Jung Eun, it was a very warm day.

On the day before yesterday at 8PM, Jung Eun had to receive chemotherapy because her white blood cell count was too high.
Her liver and spleen was swollen, and a cyst had popped, so it was very hard on her to go through chemo in that condition.

Jung Eun had a nightmare.

Jung Eun: Mom~ I had a dream again
Mom: What sort of dream?
Jung Eun: Someone in black clothes on a boat was staring at me
Mom: Was he just staring at you?
Jung Eun: Yeah
Mom: So what did you do?
Jung Eun: I told him to go away
Mom: You did well. You don’t need to go

She had another dream.

Jung Eun: Mom, I had a dream
Mom: What sort of dream?
Jung Eun: It was a funeral. Dad, Mom, Oppa, and the whole family was there.
Mom: Weren’t you there?
Jung Eun: No
Mom: What were Dad, Mom, and the family doing?
Jung Eun: They were just crying
Mom: You should have looked closer. It’s because you’re so tired, you need to be strong.
Jung Eun: Yeah

It was difficult for Jung Eun to even speak.
Watching her like this broke my heart.

But it seems like Jung Eun is still a happy child.

Yesterday, an angel (who is a Big Bang fan) visited the hospital to support Jung Eun. They weren’t able to meet Jung Eun, but they left a fan with Daesung’s picture on it, as well as a lot of other cute presents for her.
Jung Eun wasn’t able to hide her happiness, and she wanted to leave a post here with pictures of the presents. But as she was writing the post, she had to lie down because of how tired she was.
My wife asked “Should I get Dad to write it for you?”, and Jung Eun said in a weak breathy voice, “No, I’ll write it myself later”.

Jinusean’s Sean played the role of Santa and came again.

Yesterday, Sean phoned the hospital to tell us that all the Big Bang members would come on the 24th to cheer on Jung Eun.
For a heavy and gloomy heart, this was like a beam of light coming through the dark clouds.
This was because Big Bang’s visit gave Jung Eun a hundred thousand times more strength than we could have given her alone.

Jung Eun received a huge present.
I wasn’t able to meet them because I had to go down to the country early in the morning, but today at around 3PM, Sean, Daesung, and Taeyang visited Jung Eun’s hospital room.
According to Jung Eun’s mother, they encouraged a lot of sick children and took photos with them, and the children were very happy.
They played with Jung Eun for an hour, and Taeyang especially joked with Jung Eun a lot, so she had a lot of fun.

6 hours later, Seungri, T.O.P, and G-Dragon visited Jung Eun and played with her for 30 minutes. After hearing that Jung Eun was a fan of Seungri’s, he had a lot of sympathy for her.
Seungri told her a lot of funny stories, and promised to invite her on stage at Big Bang’s concert in February.
In the short phone call I had with Jung Eun, she said “This was the best present in my life”, but she must have been tired today because our phone call wasn’t very long.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Without the wings of the many angels who are Big Bang fans, Jung Eun wouldn’t have been able to receive the huge presents from last time and today.
With the collective love of everyone here, the sick Jung Eun who was unable to fly was able to flap her wings.
Jung Eun promised that she would watch Big Bang’s concert in February no matter what.

To Jinusean’s Sean,
I heard that you do many good deeds with your wife.
If you would give my wife and I the chance, we’d also like to help with doing good deeds. Since we received so much, we would like to forward it to someone else.

To Big Bang,

For coming to see Jung Eun so cheerfully to support her, you don’t know how much comfort and strength you gave her.
Jung Eun has gained the strength of a thousand armies.
Your visit has given her more strength than you could possibly imagine.

To my lovely Jung Eun,
Don’t forget that your dad, mom, and your family is doing everything in their power for you.
Beating your illness is the best way that you can repay all the many faceless people who are cheering for you and praying for you.
Let’s beat your illness together so that you can fulfill your promise to Big Bang and repay all the love you’ve received from the many people out there to someone else.

Today, at a rest stop on the motorway, there was a man playing a guitar and singing despite the freezing weather to help people suffering from Leukemia. When I saw this, I gave him a warm coffee and a small donation. As he thanked me, I thought to myself that it was nothing. There are a lot of kind people in the world……”

While we read a lot of heartwarming stories, there are few that would bring tears to our jaded eyes. Much respect to Big Bang and Sean for delivering such an outstanding gift from your hearts.

Credits to Flibbertigibbet from our 6theory forums for the translation of the article.

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