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Boyfriend, upcoming teen idol group holds their first photoshoot

The soon-to-debut idol group, Boyfriend, with an average member age of 18 recently attended their first photoshoot.

The concept for this day was, “While Sleeping.” The photo shoot took place in the rehearsal studio at their companies headquarters, where the group spends most of their time with their debut only a month away. When the photography team arrived, they shout out their greetings to the photo team, “Hello! We’re boyfriend.” The members all look quite nervous for their first photo shoot but they also share the excitement and freshness of a new group.

When the photoshoot started, however, the 6 members worked their charms to relax the main photographer instead. When it was finished, they also made sure to thank the crew: “We fell short of your standard because this was our first photoshoot, but thank you so much for being kind to us.” The boys should be tired from rehearsing and also going to school, but they didn’t look exhausted at all.

The 6 members, Dong Hyun, Young Min, Kwang Min, Minwoo, Seon Ho and  Jung Min held their first photoshoot and interview with the magazine, Elle Girl, with this pleasant experience it’s safe to expect good things from them as ‘Boyfriend.’

Source: Nate

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