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Brian Joo and Singapore Fans’ Live Skype by Wave K


Specially organized by Arirang TV‘s music channel ‘WAVE K‘, Singapore fans of Brian Joo were given a special opportunity to speak and see live with the singer that is dubbed as a pretty diva. Set at the Korean Tourism Organisation (KTO) Singapore, the live call lasted for roughly half an hour with a live view of Joo’s performance of his title track ‘Let This Die’ from his new mini-album, ‘Reborn‘!

Set on a Thursday afternoon, the filming for this WAVE K episode was scheduled to air on Tuesdays, and this episode showing Singapore fans was on 28 February 2012.

Fans are captivated in watching at the screen of his live performance

In celebrating Korea.com‘s recent exclusive interview with the man himself (read all about it here!), the Singapore team has also covered this event and for everyone to view the short but sweet meeting.

For those of you and the Singapore fans who had missed the event where you guys appeared on the global channel for all things Korean, watch the video here on the Arirang TV player.

As you could see and watch the episode where the Singapore fans appear, watch out for our live video record of the uncut, full version of the exclusive chance of Brian Joo and his Singapore fans, keep a lookout!

Special thanks to KTO Singapore.

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