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Brown Eyed Soul & Supreme Team collaborate for Why

Brown Eyed Soul and Supreme Team released the Melon Collaboration Project’s first digital single, ‘Why,’ on the 6th.

Brown Eyed Soul and Supreme Team are the first to open the door to a new project designed to introducing the collaborations of different musicians to music fans. ‘Why‘ starts off with the cold, emotionless voice of a female asking “why” and moves on to the lyrics of a man suffering a breakup.

Brown Eyed Soul’s Youngjun, his first comeback in three years, expressed a sorrowful but controlled emotion, while Supreme Team confessed the deep feelings of men through their powerful rap.

A representative of Melon Collaboration Project stated, “We’re planning to show a variety of different collaborations between a variety of musicians for music fans. Brown Eyed Soul and Supreme Team will be the start of it. Please anticipate us.”

The first single album for the project includes three songs and will be released in the first week of next month.

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