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Celebrities support new group 4K

New group 4K is receiving a lot of attention thanks to many stars, who support the group and have sent out messages on social networks.

Rainbow’s Ji Sook, Rania’s Jooyi, Buzz’s Min Dae Hong, David Oh and Megan Lee, who previously appeared on MBC’s Great Birth, and Park Pil Gyu, who appeared on Mnet’s Super Star K 3 supported the group by tweeting, “I will support you forever! Go 4K!” “4K! Please support and love the group.”

Even though the group hasn’t debuted yet, many veteran singers are supporting the group and have attracted considerable attention.

People responded: “Who is 4K?” “Since the group has many friends who have appeared on audition programs, have they appeared on one of those programs too?” “The group has many talented singers as friends. Is 4K a vocal group too?”

Since 4K is veiled in mystery, many people are wondering what kind of group it is or who is in the group.

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