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CHAOS’ leader Park Taeyang celebrates birthday with fans

Kakao Talk’s Center Talk* became the hall of scream and spazz on March 31st for many CHAOS’ fans** as they celebrated Park Taeyang’s 25th birthday. The fun started at 4pm when the boys arrived with their Spring fashion at the hall not just filled with fans but also balloons and birthday presents.

The small and exclusive gathering was packed with exciting games, fan services and even lots of ‘getting-to-know’ activities. Main vocalist Duhwan was asked to sing many times, Dongmin played guitar (guitar’s color was pink matching his outfit), Hee Jae could not escape ‘aegyo’ requests while Hyunsun performed a challenge (catching thrown candies using his mouth).

The star of the day, leader Park Taeyang also sang and received many ‘selca’ requests. Drama then started when the other four members read their messages for the birthday boy. Apparently they wrote heartbreaking messages before going to the event and surprised Park Taeyang.

Park Taeyang couldn’t contain his tears after hearing the messages. It appears that being the leader and the oldest member of the group, he experienced a lot of hardships and challenges. Being moved and touched by the messages, he also left a very heartwarming message to everyone. “I remember my father told me that money can’t get us long-lasting happiness.  It’s the people around us who give us love and support….” 

Korea.com had an exclusive interview with the group, in case you have not read it yet please check the article.

*Centre Talk- the name of the hall where the fan meeting was held

**CHAONYX is the official fan club name of the group


Source: Korea.com

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