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Dance and run with ZE:A! They are at your front door

“It’s ZE:A!”

On June 22 at 4:00 p.m., 1,000 students of Imun High School in Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, ran out of their classroom as ZE:A made a surprise visit to the school to have a race with students there.

Well-known for his maniacal interest in sports, member Dong Jun stood on the starting line with a male student who came out on behalf of the whole school. At once, everyone’s attention focused on them, and when the starting gun fired, people gave a loud cheer.

Dong Joon won eventually, but it did not matter who had won the game; it was already touching and joyful enough for the group to have an opportunity to communicate with their fans before they come out with a new album after a one-year hiatus.

Starting on June 15 in Busan, ZE:A has been on the Fighting Project, celebrating the release of their new album. The event will continue in five more Korean cities: Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon, Bucheon, and Seoul.

The project was planned as a remembrance of their debut, when they traveled around the country, performing on mobile stage trucks, met their fans face to face, and became greatly encouraged. Their agency, Star Empire Entertainment, has prepared this event for three months and invested 500 million to encourage the group’s return performances. The company also spared some time for fans.

Although their project began early in the morning, ZE:A did not show a hint of fatigue and had a good time with their fans. Previously at 10 a.m., they visited Cheonan Seo Girls’ Middle School and performed a flash mob. The girls gave an explosive reaction.

When ZE:A’s wrapped bus entered the school grounds, all students ran out to see it. Usually, the place is considered a solemn place for learning, but it was different on this special day. It was as lively and passionate as any other concert venue.

Students welcomed the “idols,” shouting their favorite member’s name. Some ZE:A members could not even move because they were surrounded tightly by a crowd of students.

ZE:A danced a “fighting dance,” showing some choreography from their new song, “Body to Body.” Then at 12:30 p.m., the group moved on to Daejeon and greeted radio fans on MBC Radio’s Request Songs at Noon.

The group’s so-called “visiting fan service” contributed to closing the gap between them and their fans. Each member has unusual determination in his third year as a singer. Member Kwang Hee and Dong Jun began to gain popularity on variety shows, and Siwan has successfully acted in the MBC drama series The Moon that Embraces the Sun and received attention from all Koreans.

None of the members could hide their excitement. Dong Jun said, “We were too focused on individual activities last year, so we were worried about whether you had forgotten us. Your big cheers give us great strength. Thank you.”

There will be an event titled Find the Hidden ZE:A, held in Myong-dong, Seoul, on the 23rd. After that, the group will move to Bucheon to give a performance at an outdoor stage in the Tuna Shopping Mall.

On July 3, the group will hold a large-scale showcase in Seoul and reveal the title song of the new album at last. The official performance of their second album will take place the next day.

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