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[Exclusive] Alexander’s Singapore fan party

Alexander Eusebio followed up his Singapore visit with a fan party on 14th (July) at Movida. It was a cozy and private fan party exclusively for Xanderettes, the party was filled with fun but also touching moments. Alexander performed all songs from his first solo album, (‘Bad Girl’, ‘I Just’ and ‘Oh! Baby’) and ‘Kimchi song’ from his drama ost.

Here are some highlights of the fan party.

# I’m a bad girl, your bad girl.

The fan party started with Alexander singing ‘Bad Girl’ in English version, fans screamed loudly as he points to them during his dance, indicting ‘you’re my bad girl’. When Alexander asked ‘Who is a bad girl here?’, all the fans raised their hands and jumped while shouting ‘Me! Me!’. It was so funny how people actually admits to being ‘bad’. When MC asked “Who wants to be his bad girl?”, once again, the fans screamed with answer ‘Me!’. Alexander laughingly joked ‘Maybe next time, I shall have a song called Ugly Girl’, everyone at the scene laughed upon hearing this.


# Bracelet for my girl
During game session, lucky fans were selected to go on stage to play with Alexander. Fans were asked to give the right answer to questions asked about Alexander, the final winner will get something personal from Alexander. Each question was given 3 answer options to choose from.
Questions asked were – ‘what type of flowers he will give to his girlfriend’ (rose, daisy, sunflower)
- ‘what’s his favourite colour?’ (white, red, black)
- ‘which type of instrument would he play’ (guitar, piano, drum)
- ‘what’s his ideal type of girl’ (hot, pretty, cute) for which Alexander personally revealed that he wants a girl that’s hot and cute at the same time, ‘I will leave it to your imagination’ said Alexander with a mysteriously smile.

At the end of the game, one lucky fan managed to anwser all questions correctly, Alexander took off the pink bracelet from his wrist, and put it on the fan girl’s wrist for her. Fans off the stage screamed with jealousy, wishing they were the one on stage right then.
MC : Is this the first time you helped a girl with her bracelet?
Alexander : Except for my sister, Yes, this is my first time. (fans scream)
MC : Never do for girlfriend before?
Alexander : No Lah (Xander answered with a Singlish accent)

# “Promise me one thing, just be happy”

Thoughtful Xanderettes prepared a special fanvideo, to show their love and support for Alexander, “no matter what happenes, we will always be there for you”. Every fan at the party, took out their fan cards which wrote “Just be happy” and hold it up to show Alexander after the video ended. It was a touching moment, not only for Alexander, but also for everyone at the party. Alexander was all teary eyed by the end of the video, but he hold back his tears as he promised himself no to cry.
He took one of the fan card from fans (JUST BE HAPPY), said to fans “Promise one thing, just be happy. Life is short, and you don’t know what will happen. Honestly I was really worried, I dont know if you saw my twitter and I was joking and say that ‘do you guys foget me?’.”
Upon hearing this, fans all replied with “No!”.
Alexander also opened up on his feelings after leaving U-Kiss, he said “After leaving Ukiss, it was kind of a fearful thing for me, it’s a challenge to me. And it was more difficult, as usually there would be people around me, you know my personality. Even though I say I won’t give up, I thought of giving up. But I kept going, even until recently, there was a lot of difficult decisions to make,” holding the ‘Just Be Happy’ fan board once again, ‘Promise me, you guys too, don’t ever give up, not only just me. Be happy and always smile.”.
Alexander, the one who tries hard, never give up, bringing fun and joy to everyone, also taught fans that most important thing in life is to be happy and treasure the people around you.

The fan party ended with the song ‘Oh!Baby’, Alexander thanked Xanderettes once again for all their support and promised to come back to Singapore again in the future. Check out the video below for a snippet of the fan party!

Thanks to Mode Entertainment for giving Korea.com the opportunity to cover this event!

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