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[Exclusive] Prince charming Kim Hyun Joong charms the press in Singapore

With a warm smile, Kim Hyun Joong greeted the media and sat down for a casual talk at his press conference.
Being his 4th time in Singapore, when asked about why Singapore is the first stop for Asia tour, he expresses that missed his fans in Singapore the most, who gave him a warm welcome every time. He also felt that they felt that Singapore was a fantastic place to start off the tour

Kim Hyun Joong hopes that all of his fans will enjoy this fanmeet as it will be an upgraded version of his performances.
He is also the first artist ever decided to do a hi-5 session with 3000 fans, (initially only 500 lucky ones can attend hi5 session) he said that he would like to get up close and do his best to remember everyone’s faces.

Kim Hyun Joong will also be giving away a set of present consisting of U:ZOOSIN shirt and brooch to all fans at the concert. When asked, he simply expressed that he wishes that not only fans will get to enjoy the concert, but also to have something tangible to keep as a memory after the concert. Isn’t he not just handsome but also a caring and thoughtful man?

In addition, he reveals that he will be performing a song that he has never performed before, in turn playfully urges fans that they should come to his fanmeet to find out more! (laughs from the audience, creating a rather relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at the press conference)

Q & A :

Q: What are your music influences?
A: There’s not really a particular type of music i would say, it kinds of depends on the weather. Like in Singapore, i would listening to ballads as it suits the current rainy weather we have here. I wish the weather will be more sunnier on Friday.

Q: Is there any world record you wish to break?
A: I want to the singer who has held a concert with the most number of fans in attendance.

Q: Will you encourage your children to take the same career path as you?
A: I would not enforce them to do, it depends on what they wish to become, and i will support their idea.

Q:What’s the meaning of “…” in titles of homepage messages you left?
A: It doesn’t really have a meaning. It’s something like ‘kkk’ which is ‘kekeke’ (lol) used in Singapore.

Q: how do you feel about your collaboration with B’z?
A: I have always liked B’z, it was great to be able to collaborate with them on a Japanese single – HEAT.

Q: What are you future goals?
A: After releasing a japanese single, will be working on a new drama. However not much infos can be revealed now. Also preparing to release a new album next year and be more active in other areas as well.

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