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[EXCLUSIVE] Sungha Jung, more than just a talented guitartist

Sungha Jung is more than just a talented guitartist, but also an inspiration and a role model for many peoople.

On 26th May, Sungha Jung was back in Singapore again for a concert in collaboration with Preston Reed. Korea.com was given the opportunity to have a close coverage of the event, and we are truly impressed by the marvelous performance put up by both Sungha Jung and Preston Reed.

Thanks to Sungha’s manager, Korea.com got the opportunity to interview Sungha. Through the interview, we were able to get a better understanding of his true personality, what he would like to do in the music industry and some of the new things he would like to try in the future.

[Exclusive Interview with Sungha Jung]

(interviewed by babyvfan@korea.com , filmed by yiwei@korea.com)

When the details of his concert with Preston Reeds were first released in Singapore, the response was so overwhelming that all tickets for the concert were sold out within a short period of time. Due to high demands, the concert organiser added a second show. Before the first show started, Sungha had a meet and greet session with his fans. Although the show started at 1:30pm, there were already a number of fans queuing up to meet him 1 hour before. Many even came with their guitars for SungHa to autograph on, they expressed that Sung Ha’s playing made them more interested in guitar playing and they wished that one day, they too would be able to play as well as him. Sungha was also very friendly to all fans who came up to him, expressing his gratitude by obliging to take photos with every single fan who came up to him.

Sungha Jung’s excellent skills in guitar playing has gained him fans from all age groups, no matter young or old, female or male. During the concert, Sungha displayed his skills as a freestyle guitarist, his professionalism was awarded with rounds and rounds of applause from the audience. If you were to close your eyes and listen to him play, you would not have guessed that he is only 16 years old! He played a total of 10 songs as a soloist, songs played included various music genres – kpop song by girl group 2ne1 ‘Lonely’, self composed songs ‘Sorry’ and ‘Hey Sunshine’, ‘Phantom of the opera’, Japanese animation ‘Lupin’, Adele’s ‘Rolling in the deep’ and ‘hotel California’. Since it’s in Singapore, he also specially played a song origianlly sang by Singaporean singer JJ Lin. Again, the audience gave their full attention and support throughout his entire performance.

Towards the end of the concert, Sungha Jung played a duet with World famous guitarist Preston Reeds, the two perfectly played the piece with matching rhythm and sounds, charming the audience once more. Given a short time to prepare and rehearse with Preston, many were surprised at how well Sungha played Preston’s music and more importantly was his perfect harmonising. This further reflects his capabilities in guitar playing, inspiring fans at the scene to work harder to reach their dream.

Below is a snippet of SungHa’s performance

After the concert ended, there were long queues outside the auditorium as fans waited for their turn to greet SungHa in person. Even though it was a long day for Sung ha, but he kept his positive attitude and sincerity towards the very end.

Once again, we would like to thank Miss Dee and Sprout Entertainment for the special arrangement and opportunity to cover this event.

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