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[Exclusive]Alexander reunited with Xanderettes at fansign in Singapore

On 13th, Alexander Eusebio reunited with Xanderettes (his fans) at fansign session held at IMM.
(Dressed in blue and white, cooling colors gave a refreshing image, removing summer heat just by looking at him.)

It’s been almost 2 years since his last visit to Singapore, Alexander greeted his fans and expressed his happiness and delight for meeting everyone again after such a long time.

“I thought no one would come to the airport.”

In preparation for fan party with Xanderettes, Alexander touched down on 12th, he revealed that he was not expecting any fans at the airport. He cheerfully told the fans that he was in casual outfit and wore a cap, totally not expecting any fans at the airport. He was surprised when he came to the arrival hall and so many of them are waiting for him with presents.

“I thought you have forgotten me, i thought there will only be like 30~40 fans today”

Alexander also expressed his insecurity over his popularity, as he thought only a few fans would turn up for his fansign. Given that ticket sale was not opened to public as this event is exclusively planned for his Xanderettes only, nevertheless, the turn out was great with over a few hundreds fans at the scene. He told his fans that he is so grateful that they have came to support him even though he has not been to Singapore for such a long time.

Alexander, the master of fan service – Fans were allowed to go on stage in group of 3 to take a photo with him, not only he extended a handshake with each and everyone, he also posed different actions in the photo as requested by fans. Furthermore, during autograph session, he kindly wrote down fans name along with his signature, chatting with fans as he autographs.
The best part is, he remembers his fans! “I have seen many familiar faces today.” says Alexander. He also expressed that to him, it’s more like reuniting with ‘long lost friends’ rather than meeting fans.

Lastly, thanks to Mode Entertainment for giving Korea.com the opportunity to cover this event!

Source : Korea.com

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