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f(x) celebrates their win on Mnet Countdown by…

June 21, 2012 marks another victory for the 5-member girl group f(x) with their summer hit track, ‘Electric Shock‘. In shocking colors of their outfits and ghetto yet cute appeal, Krystal, Amber, Sulli, Victoria and Luna captured much attention for their comeback, performance and their way of celebration at M Countdown!

Showing their cute side, Luna and Victoria as seen down below made love signs with their hands, maknae Sulli played around with the leader Victoria, and the coupling of Krystal and Amber to be celebrating it with a piggy back ride! Aren’t they all just loveable?

Congratulations to the girls to have a fantastic and catchy tune for the summer, we look forward to their other live performances across stages!

How do you guys find it? Do you guys play the song on repeat? Because I do, it’s super catchy since Hot Summer!

Photo Courtesy  Mnet Facebook

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