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Girl’s Day’s Hye Ri gets in trouble for wearing a shirt decorated with a Rising-Sun Flag

Recently, Girl’s Day’s agency made a public apology for member Hye Ri, who was photographed wearing a shirt with a picture of a Rising-Sun Flag on it.

On May 2, the agency said in a phone interview with TV Report, “The picture in which Hye Ri is singing while wearing the problematic T-shirt was not taken during an official rehearsal.”

The group’s fashion coordinator had not recommended any costume for that day. She simply wore it to express her gratitude to her fans who bought it for her.

Indeed, she read the caption “My shirt will HELP Japan” on the shirt, but missed the Rising Sun Flag pattern in the heart shape. If she had recognized it, she would never have worn it.”

Previously, some pictures titled “Girl’s Day’s Hye Ri wearing a Rising Sun Flag T-shirt” were posted on an online community board and created a stir. As the issue grew more intense, the agency made a formal apology.

Also, the group’s fan club apologized for the trouble. They said, “We bought it without realizing, and this occurred because of our ignorance and lack of understanding. We apologize. It hurts us when we think about the damage it has caused Hye Ri as a celebrity.”

The Rising-Sun Flag is an extended version of the Japanese flag which red sunlight radiates out from the red circle representing the sun. It was used as the military flag of the Imperial Japanese Army after the Meiji Restoration and currently symbolizes Japan’s Self-Defense Forces.

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