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2AM members support Jo Kwon’s solo album

Recently, 2AM members were spotted sending supportive messages to Jo Kwon on his solo album.

Since Jo Kwon released all the songs on his first solo album, I’m Da One, on June 18, the other members of 2AM have been encouraging him in a supportive manner.

Jo prereleased “Animal” and “Just a Kiss” and the youngest member of the group, Jin Woon, took the lead in cheering for him by tweeting, “Animal, Animal, Animal, Animal! So looking forward to it. Hahaha Kwon hyung worked really hard on it.”

Then Seul Ong tweeted, “I’m an Animaaal. Wishing Mr. Jo Kwon the best on his solo album.” Chang Min added, “Jo Kwon~ Go ‘Animal.’ Looking forward to a great performance that will pay off your efforts.”

Netizens who saw the members’ strong friendship commented: “2AM has great teamwork.” “Hope Jo Kwon hits a jackpot just like the other members hope..” “Looking forward to Jo Kwon’s solo album.” “These four guys make me smile.”

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