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Ja Woo Rim took first place in I’m a Singer… YB 7th

In an episode of MBC’s I’m a Singer, which aired on the 31st, the fifth round’s topic was ‘the song that you want to sing’, and Kim Yoon Ah of Ja Woo Rim took first place with the song Whale Hunt.

Ja Woo Rim won 22.5% and ranked first place; this is one of the highest record.

Kim Yoon Ah, who was announced as first place said, “I think my heart’s going to explode. I was sure that Kim Bum Soo will take first place.”

“‘This must be a candid camera.’ they said. The members still couldn’t believe that they took first place. They must be lying to us.”, they said in the following interview.

Moreover, Kim Yoon Ah said, “After seeing other singers’ performances, they should be the winners, but Ja Woo Rim somehow took that place.” YB congratulated them by saying, “It’s significant that the band ranked first place on their first performance.”

7th place was YB and  sang Tilted. Yoon Do Hyun calmly said, “I’ll humbly accept the results, and work on my next concert.” Jan Hye Jin was second, Park Jung Hyun third, Kim Jo Han fourth, Jo Gwan Woo fifth, and Kim Bum Soo took sixth place.

Kim Jo Han chose Truth Lies at the bottom of the Decanter(Jun Ram Hoi), Park Jung Hyun chose Accidentally(Lee Jung Sun), Kim Bum Soo chose With Love(Sunflower), YB chose Tilted(Kang San Ae), Jo Gwan Woo chose Hometown Station(Na Hoon A), Jang Hye Jin chose Yearning(Kim Soo Hee), and Ja Woo Rim chose Whale Hunt(Song Chang Sik).

Source: Osen from Naver

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