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Japanese Artist “DOUBLE” releases ALBUM featuring 2PM’s JUNSU

It’s been awhile since Takako Hirasawa aka Double was seen in the music industry. After 2 years she’s finally coming back with a  new album. And it’s been said that the featured artist on her album is no other than the 2PM member vocal prowess Junsu.

Takako Hirasawa aka DOUBLE is a Japanese R&B singer. DOUBLE used to be 2 member R&B singers, Takako and her older sister Sachiko. Unfortunately, Sachiko died May 1999 due to blood disease affecting the brain. After her sister died, Takako started her solo career and still using the name DOUBLE as her stage name. Double has been titled as the “Queen of R&B” and considered to be a pioneer for being the first artist to bring American-style R&B to Japan.

Junsu is a member of Hottest boy band in Korea 2PM. He has a very powerful, sweet and unique voice, that every women would love to hear. He is considered also to be the vocal prowess. Together with his other members they also release there Japanese debut album last May 2011 and debuted on the same month. Junsu and the other members are very busy due to their overlapping schedules in Japan and in Korea. Still they’d come to deal with it, but Junsu was only allowed to record at night to finish the track. Junsu will be using his solo name JUN.K.

The said album entitled “WOMEN” will be releasing on October 5. The track was titled “COUNT 3″ featuring JUN.K. The fans will surely anticipate this album to show support for their idols.


Source: musicasia.net,  kormore.com



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