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JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong: “I want to play the role of a psychopath”

Many idol stars are appearing on different TV series. JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong appeared on a historical series for the first time and received many favorable reviews from the audience.

Kim plays the role of an officer named Kim Kyung Tak in MBC’s weekend series Dr. Jin, which only has one episode left. We met with Kim and asked how he feels about his appearance on the historical series.

Even though Kim said that he shot the last episode and hung out with the cast members until 5 o’clock in the morning, he wore a big happy smile throughout the entire interview.

◆ “I improved my acting because I was like a white sheet”

On August 5, Kim completed shooting the series. We wondered how he feels about his appearance on the series and he said, “I did a good job on my decision to appear on the series.”

“I think I was like a white sheet so I learned faster than other people. I tried to absorb new things as soon as I learned them. I learned how to act while shooting the scenes on the set. The cast members helped me a lot.”

Kim shined even more when he performed with Kim Eung Soo, who played the role of his father in the series. Kim portrayed his character as a son, who always wants to be recognized and praised by his father, through his emotional eyes. When he saw his father dying in front of him, he sobbed and made the audience choke with sorrow.

“I felt sorry for my character as time went on. I really felt like the son of Kim Eung Soo in the end. I had to cry because I felt so sad when my father called my name as he was dying.”

◆ “I’ve been home fifteen times in the last three months”

Everyone knows that shooting a historical series is harder than shooting other TV series. Kim also had to wear traditional costumes and they made it harder to perform in the hot weather.

“I almost collapsed while shooting the last scene. I slept four hours in the car for four days and I ate two meals while shooting. I thought I might die when I shot the scene, in which I was lying down under the sun. I heard that people have died from sunstroke. It was really hard.”

Kim shot the series and the movie Jackal in Coming at the same time. He was very busy and tired but he didn’t want other people to notice it.

“I slept in the car and I wore one set of clothes for a week. I try hard too but people around me were working hard as well. They had to wake me up like I was a dead body.”

Even though he was so busy that he couldn’t watch the Olympic games, he said he watched swimming to support Park Tae Hwan.

“When Park was disqualified, I wanted to go to England to protest. I was so upset and angry. I know how hard he worked to prepare for the Olympics so I felt sorry for him.”

◆ “When I’m with JYJ members, we become cohesive”

Park Yoo Chun, who appeared on KBS’s series Sungkyunkwan Scandal and SBS’s Rooftop Prince, and Kim Jun Su, who appeared in several musicals, talked about Kim appearing on the historical series.

“We recently met together to shoot a commercial. Park told me he enjoyed the series and Kim said he saw every episode of the series.”

Even though the members are keeping busy doing their individual schedules, they were monitoring and supporting each other.

“We are very close each other because we have been performing together for a long time. We tell everything even it is not something we want to hear. Since we’ve known each other for a long time, we don’t care about those things.”

Kim, who successfully appeared on the historical series, will perform with group members again.

“When I have to perform by myself, I think that I should try harder. But when I’m with my group members, we  energize each other. I feel like we are a cohesive unit when we are all together.”

Kim said that he is satisfied with his appearance in the historical series.

“I want to appear on another historical series again. And I want to play the role of a psychopath because I want to show the audience my acting range.”

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