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K-Pop Star: Check out the charms of the top ten

SBS’s K-Pop Star recently finalized top ten and is about to start a full-scale audition in search of the final winner. Creating an issue for collaboration of three major entertainment of K-Pop—SM, YG, and JYP, the audition program caused a sensation with the preferences of the three agencies.

People’s interest for the live air is also escalating. The top ten participants are so formidable that who will be the final winner is in the limelight.

The top ten survivors include Paik Ji Woong, Parik Ah Yeon, Kim Na Yoon, Lee Jung Mi, Lee Ha lee, Yoon Hyun Shang, Lee Michelle, Park Ji Min, Park Je Hyung, and Lee Seung Hoon.

Vocal trainers from the three agencies all say that the top ten are gemstone. Challenge for showing their potential is also necessary. Last but not least, keeping the health condition is a vital part.

Let’s take a look into the top ten’s secret for their live performance on February 4.

Kim Na Yoon

Kim is seen improving and is talented at both singing and dancing.

YG’s vocal trainer, Choi Won Suk says, “She is excellent at expressing retro style song. Also, she knows how to give a performance seemingly because she has been a member of a cheer leader team.”

Park Je Hyung

The guitar guy from the States carries a tune with a unique, acoustic vocal.

SM’s vocal trainer, Jang Jin Young, says, “He’s got an attractive vocal and look that appeals to girls. He’s not trite but original.”

Park Ji Min

Despite of the young age, Park, who showed a good possibility to become a great singer, has an ethereal powerhouse vocal.

JYP’s vocal trainer, Song Yoo Mi, says, “Park has unlimited potential because she is young. When I let her do whatever she wants to do, she shows off a variety of charms.”

Paik Ah Yeon

Paik carried a tune passionately with the song “Day by Day” originally done by Big Bang, and won the chance to join the top ten.

SM’s vocal trainer, Jang, says, “She just knows how to sing. She is a natural vocalist. She’s also good at playing the piano.”

Paik Ji Woong

Another Paik, who has an appealing singing voice, sang “I Love You” done by Kim Jo Han and join the top ten.

SM’s vocal trainer, Jang, says, “He’s got a sweet and beautiful voice. His voice can appeal to girls.”

Yoon Hyun Sang

Yoon has made his way to the top ten by showing his talent at song writing. He has been praised to have a deep understanding of music.

JYP’s vocal trainer, Song, says, “He knows a lot about music. He’s not just a singer. He knows how to play musical instruments, how to rearrange songs, and how to express and convey emotions through songs.”

Lee Ha lee

At the preliminary voting, Lee ranks first by a landslide victory.

YG’s vocal trainer, Choi says, “She is full of energy. She can express her own style what the genre is. She has inborn talent.”


Lee Michlle

Lee is also one of the possible winners. She needs to keep in shape because she recently suffered pain in her throat.

YG’s vocal trainer, Choi says, “She is the top at sing at high-pitched note and expressing emotions. She is exceptional.”

Lee Seong Hoon

Lee joined the top ten only with his dancing and rapping talent aside from his non-exceptional singing talent.

YG’s vocal trainer, Choi says, “He is a creator. He’s full of unique ideas and imaginations”

Lee Jung Mi

Lee Jung Mi is the last participant who got the ticket to perform at the live air after surviving several eliminations.

JYP’s vocal trainer, Song, says, “She is a fast learner. She’s shrewd and agile at understanding music.”

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