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KARA responds to Jang Hye Jin’s powerful version of “Mister”

KARA’s Gyuri and Jiyoung couldn’t hide their joy as Jang Hye Jin performed a cover of their hit song, “Mister“, on the set of “I Am A Singer“.

On July 10th, KARA’s Jiyoung posted, “Jang Hye Jin sunbaenim… I’m so honored that you sang our song. I was inspired. The powerful performance was so cool!

Additionally, Gyuri also commented, “Jang Hye Jin sunbaenim just sang the song “Mister” on “I Am A Singer”…! Her performance was powerful and impressive; she added her own color to the song and the performance was spectacular… Thank you so much for choosing our song,”Mister”, sunbaenim!

MBC’sSunday Night- I Am a Singer” aired live on July 10th and the week’s challenge for the episode was titled, ‘The song I want to sing on stage‘. The challenge was divided into 4 rounds; on the first round, Jang Hye Jin sang a remake rock version of KARA’s “Mister”.

In contrast to the last two contests where she sang slow and bittersweet ballads, Jang Hye Jin accompanied a powerful dance choreography with strong vocals giving an inspiring performance bringing the crowds to cheers. Jang Hye Jin reared away from her original image wearing a showy outfit and finished it off with ripped pair of rocker jeans. She even imitated KARA’s trademark dance from the song, shocking the judges as well as the audience.

Before the contest, Jang Hye Jin said, “I really wanted people to think that I was crazy (on stage)” with a determined expression on her face.

After the contest, she critiqued, “I wasn’t too pleased with today’s performance either” and added, “It’s not an easy stage.On the next contest, I think the key is to have a performance that pleases me” showing disappointment.

Even before the contest, mobile online ranking and research site, tillionpanel, had a result stating 19.1% (out of 3247 voters) of the voters were most anticipating Jang Hye Jung’s next performance.

Watch Jang Hye Jung’s phenomenal performance on the rock remake on the song, “Mister”:

Source & Photo: Nate

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