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Kara spreads Korean culture in Japan, “Donating rice wreaths.”

Kara is playing a crucial role in cultural exchange with Japan by donating rice wreaths during the group’s Japanese Tour.

Rice wreaths appeared at the Nagoya concert hall on Kara’s Japanese Tour, Karasia, which started on April 14. These wreaths were specially made and donated by Japanese fans. It attracted a lot of attention because it is unusual for fans to donate rice wreaths.

CL Production, which is in charge of Kara’s activities in Japan, explained, “We never saw rice wreaths at the concert halls in Japan. I actually think this is the first time ever for fans to organize a donation event for the concert by making rice wreaths.”

Many Japanese fans showed interest in this new form of donation. The wreaths were placed at the entrance of the concert hall on the first floor. Rice wreaths are a way that Korean fans encourage performers at their concerts by sending the wreaths to the concert hall, and later distributing them among the poor and destitute around the area.

The rice wreaths that Kara received during their Japanese Tour will be distributed to nearby social welfare institutions. Many people are paying attention to how much rice can be collected this way because the number of rice wreaths seems to be increasing as Kara keeps on performing.

Kara started the Japanese Tour Concert Karasia on April 14 in Yokohama and will be performing in six more cities, including Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Tokyo, and Saitama.

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