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Lee Jung to perform SNSD’s ‘Gee’!

Singapore – The power and might of girl groups are rampant amongst many males, from all ages, even to those serving the nation. Singer Lee Jung is seen showing his affection for SNSD, doing a cover of one of their hit songs, “GEE”.

Lee Jung who will be performing on Mnet’s ‘Director’s Cut’ which will be aired on April 1st, revealed that during his time in Marine Corps, SNSD’s ‘Gee’ was his cure for loneliness.

Lee Jung said, “Not long after I went into the military, girl groups became the big forces in the music industry. During my military service, I did renditions of girl groups’ songs to suit my own styles”.

Lee Jung will be playing piano and perform an R&B version of SNSD’s song.

Did you manage to catch Lee Jung’s own style and rendition of ‘Gee’ on Mnet’s ‘Director’s Cut’ on April 1st? If not, catch this space as we will upload a video of it once we manage to get hold of the footage!

Source: asiatoday.co.kr, fanwonder

Written by Shya Lee / Associate Writer

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