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MBLAQ’s Mir avoids getting slapped when he broke up. How?

Recently, MBLAQ’s Mir has made a confession that he broke up with his ex-girlfriend by sending her a text message because he was afraid of getting slapped.

In the episode of JTBC’s Idol Quiz Show which is to air on March 2, Mir of MBLAQ will make an appearance sharing some of his personal stories.

On March 1, the production crew of Idol Quiz Show unveiled some of what Mir had shared in a recent shooting: the reason why he broke up with his ex-girlfriend. He had a girlfriend when he was still a trainee. Because he spent a long time with her, he began to feel weary of the relationship and acted like a “bad boy” to break up with her. When she knew about this, she put out her rage saying, “Can I slap you?”

Mir said, “When I heard her saying that she wanted to slap me, I couldn’t see anything but her hand. I told myself, ‘No. I can’t get hit,’ and pretended to be a weak guy.’”

When Mir got back to his dormitory, he sent her a text message to break up with her, eventually succeeding the “breaking-up without getting slapped” project.

Towards the end of the shooting, Mir sent his ex-girlfriend a video message. He said, “Hey friend, I’m sorry that I avoided getting slapped. Now I became less afraid, so do slap me whenever you see me on the street,” giving a good laugh to the audience.

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