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Minimalist Japanese people fall in love with SHINee

Japanese people love ‘small things’, more precisely, ‘cute things.’

For example, when you eat Japanese food, you will be surprised by the details of the food including taste and look. When you travel to Japan, it’s easy to understand their minimalism through souvenirs and signboards.

Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt? Too far from Japanese people

Japanese people’s way of thinking reflects on their favorite entertainers. When Hollywood stars, such as Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, visit Japan to promote their movies, tens of thousands of people come to the Airport to see the worldwide stars.

However, there are not many big fans of western stars. There are several reasons for this. First, big western stars are not considered attractive by the Japanese. Korean people yearn for stars who have perfect beauty but the Japanese fall in love with stars who are close to their fans.

Japanese female fans smile like mothers when they see SHINee

For examples, SHINee, who is currently very popular in Japan, has a cute boy image and their looks alone were enough to win over the Japanese minimalists.

Dakuchi, senior at Waseda University, says, “Whenever I see SHINee, I smile like I am their mother. Groups, who perform their songs with perfect dance moves, are also attractive, but  SHINee comforts me because their songs and choreography are light and cute.”

SHINee members are attractive like the Japanese idols and they are also talented in dancing and singing. All Korean Wave stars also have these strengths.

Since Japan is an island, the Japanese people pursue things that are new, but shy away from things that are completely different. To strengthen the K-pop idols’ position in the Japanese market, national traits should be grasped.

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