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Miss A’s Suzy and IU are selected as celebrities who seem to be bad at math

Miss A’s Suzy and IU ranked first and second in a survey about celebrities who seem to be bad at math.

K-Stem, an institute that conducts a scholastic ability test in mathematics, surveyed 220 middle school and high school students, who took its fifteenth test on August 11, and reported the result on 17.

In a survey about celebrities who seem to be good at math, Lee Seung Gi (30.9%, 108 votes) and Kim Tae Hee (43.4%, 152 votes) ranked first.

About Lee Seung Gi, there were such comments as, “Lee Seung Gi seems to be good at math because he looks smart and intelligent.” About Kim Tae Hee, the students commented, “Because she went to Seoul National University, she is smart for real.”

For celebrities who seem to be bad at math, Boom ranked first, receiving 142 votes (45.15%), and Suzy (29.1%, 102 votes) and IU (22.9%, 80 votes) ranked first and second as female celebrities.

For celebrities who look like math teachers, Yoo Jun Sang (24.3%) and Kim Ha Neul (23.2%), who played the role of a teacher in SBS TV’s drama series A Gentleman’s Dignity, ranked first and second.

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