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Music On Top Highlights (Feb. 15, 2012)

Not only did FT Island win this week’s Music On Top, the show had a lot of surprises for both TV viewers and studio audience.

Chocolat plus Block B’s PO

Girl group Chocolat’s Tia updated her Twitter before the show  started with “Today, PO sunbaenim of Block B will perform the featuring part for our song One More Day ~~^^Please enjoy ~^^” The rap part of Chocolat’s new single “One More Day” is usually being performed by X-Cross’ Hyoram but for yesterday’s episode of Music On Top, Block B’s PO took the part.

MC Hyun Woo receives chocolates from MC G.Na

Since it was only a day after Valentine’s Day, MC Hyun Woo asked G.Na if she’s not going to give him a chocolate. G.Na said no because she would give him a basket of them.

Aegyo explosion

After receiving the chocolates, Hyun Woo felt that he had to do something too. So, he wore a ribbon headgear and did the “bbuing bbuing” aegyo on the screen and to the studio audience. After that, some members of the rookie group chAos also did some “bbuing bbuing” aegyos while performing their song “She is Coming.”  Of course Rainbow Pixie’s performance of “Hoi Hoi” from the voice to choreography and facial expressions was covered with aegyo.

Block B’s funny facial expressions

There was a short interview with Block B during the show. Apparently 20 minutes before the voting ended, the group was in the second place. Zico said “Wah! 2nd? I can’t believe this. During rehearsals we were only 5th! Thank you everyone! I’m already satisfied….” His facial expression made the emcees laugh and other Block B members also faced the camera with different facial expressions showing how grateful they were for the fans help.

Starting this week Music On Top will be aired every Wednesday at 6:40pm on jTBC. This week’s episode had 14 powerful performances from veteran to new artists. The performers were Chocolat, Dal Shabet, Jang Jae In, chAos, Spica, Nine Muses, Fat Cat, Block B, Miryo, Rainbow Pixie, X-5, FT Island, Davichi and MBLAQ.


Source: Korea.com, (photos as labeled)


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