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New sexy girl group Gangkiz is ready to debut

New girl group Gangkiz, composed of 7 members, recently released their group pictures.

On May 3, girl group Gangkiz, composed of Hwang Ji Hyun, Lee Hae In, Kim Hye Ji, Choi Soo Eun, Esther, Eun Byul, and So Min, released a pictorial, which was taken in Europe.

The group unveiled themselves at Incheon International Airport in April to go to Europe but they have never released a pictorial until now.

Even though the group members will debut as singers for the first time, since they were popular actresses and models, they look confident in the pictorial. They are also showing off their sexy and charismatic charms.

Hwang Ji Hyun debuted in 2002 by appearing on MBC’s sitcom Nonstop 3. Then she appeared in several TV dramas, including Miss Ripley.

Lee Hae In has become popular after appearing on tvN’s Roller Coaster. She has been drawing a lot of attention thanks to her exotic appearance and slim figure.

Choi Soo Eun appeared on SBS’s series You’re Beautiful in 2009. Kim Hye Ji, who is 173 centimeters tall, won second place at the ’2010 Super Model Contest.’

A spokesperson for the group says, “Esther, Eun Byul, and So Min are also very attractive girls.” So Min was also considered as a potential T-ara member.

Kim Kwang Soo, president of Core Contents Media, will produce the group’s debut album. As a result, T-ara members helped them to take their debut pictorial.

Gangkiz will debut this month.

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