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CNBLUE Kang Minhyuk, Transformed Into ‘Ambitious Idol’ “Jung Yonghwa’s Place Was Originally Mine”

CNBLUE Kang Minhyuk, transformation to “Ambitious Idol’ “Jung Yonghwa’s spot is originally mine”

Group CNBLUE Kang Minhyuk got himself a new nickname, ‘Ambitious Idol’.

Kang Minhyuk made an appearance in the Nov 30th episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’ where he attracted attention when he revealed his crossed destiny with Jung Yonghwa.

Kang Minhyuk told the panel with a regretful tone, “When we were studying in Japan, we got a call to audition for the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’. We both auditioned for the same role but I thought I was better then Yonghwa hyung, so deep down I was looking forward to the role. But in the end the role went to Yonghwa hyung”.

Adding on, “Later on I found out from the drama PD that I didn’t get the role because my face looked too young and cute for the role. If I got the role back then, all that Yonghwa hyung has right now is all mine,” he said with a sigh making the panel burst into laughter.

MC Lee Seunggi who heard this said, “Minhyuk is an ‘Ambitious Idol” and Minhyuk went on to create laughter in the studio by saying, “Yonghwa hyung absolutely didn’t know about this. If he knew, he would say that I betrayed him”.

Meanwhile, Minhyuk’s acting in the new SBS Mon-Tues drama ‘It’s Alright, Daddy’s daughter’ has received a favorable review.

Source:Asia Economy
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