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Nine Muses receive IV treatments due to heavy schedule

Due to the hectic schedules they’ve had to undergo lately, the ladies of Nine Muses have revealed that they’ve been receiving IV treatments in order to keep up with it all.

To begin, the girls reportedly rehearsed 12 hours a day before their “Figaro” comeback.  In addition to their current comeback activities, they’ve also had to take on events and variety show appearances, like with MBC’s ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’.

The heavy schedule has definitely taken its toll on the members, as some have come down with colds, body aches, and worsening health conditions. Minha and Hyemi had to spend their waiting hours at a hospital after their pre-recording for August 26th’s ‘Music Bank‘.

Representatives of Star Empire revealed, “Minha and Hyemi had to visit the hospital because they caught a severe cold.  The other members are just as fatigued, so we’re all worried.”

Minha confidently said, “We did go to the hospital, but I’m okay.”

Euaerin added, “On days that we have schedules, we have to be at the salon by 4 AM and make sure that we’ve covered everything we’re lacking on stage through rehearsals. While in the van, we sleep as much as we can, but that amounts to about four to five hours a day. It is tiring. Before our comeback, we’d finish rehearsals in the early morning.  Since we’ve made our comeback, however, we finish rehearsals at around 10 PM and rest for the remaining period.”

She continued, “There are times where we’re tired, but because we’re on stage, it becomes fun and enjoyable.”

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver

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