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Old pictures of T-MAX’s Joo Chan Yang from his days as a CCM artist

Seoul, Korea – Pictures of T-MAX member Joo Chan Yang from several years ago when he was a CCM artist have found their way online, much to the interest of fans.

Joo, who has been at the center of a plastic-surgery controversy, recently provided a picture of himself from his junior year in high school, proving that his face had not undergone any “aesthetic enhancements.” Zealous, self-proclaimed online investigators discovered photographs and music videos of Joo during his days as a CCM artist, leading to heated discussions online.

Joo was scouted from his Church choir in his junior year of high school and debuted as a CCM artist soon after. Fair-skinned with a well-chiseled jawline, distinct features, and his outstanding vocal abilities, he caught the eye and ear of a CCM producer, who suggested Joo tryout for an anniversary album. Joo soon debuted on the CCM scene under the stage name of Joo Sung.

In the pictures, Joo has a bobbed hairstyle, slightly tousled in a natural way. Because of the boyish charm of his smile, many have commented that he reminds them of a heartthrob in a romance comic.

After viewing his pictures and the music videos from his CCM days, netizens commented, “His junior-year pictures weren’t enough to prove that it was really him, but his CCM pictures are actually shocking.” There have been many positive reactions, including, “He really has clear-cut features. Had he dropped weight a little earlier, he would have debuted earlier. With vocal prowess like that, it’s almost absurd it took so long for him to debut.”

Before joining T-MAX, Joo dropped 15 kilograms. His hardcore fat loss was fueled by his bitter ordeal on Superstar K, which also caused a media sensation. Joo abashedly admitted to the pictures, saying that he has “serious weight rebound issues,” and that he “underwent some bitter and wasted times because of failure to take care of my own body.” He promised to “learn from that experience and practice rigorous temperance to be a better person for T-Max and the fans.”

Shin Min Chul, Kim Joon, Joo Chan Yang, and Park Han Bi, the four extremely talented members who make up the boy group T-Max, will feature in the first single “Words That I Can Say” from the band’s first full-length album, created by Super Changttayi, the person behind such hits as 2PM’s “I Hate You” and “Tired of Waiting.”

Source: TVreport (Original article in Korean)
Photo from TV Report DB
Translated by Abe Jung

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