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..On K-pop and Twitter: Opening up to a wider world?

It wasn’t unheard of for K-pop celebrities to already have and actively use Twitter accounts, but lately the trend is increasing even more, giving foreign K-pop fans the chance to follow their idols more closely and get to know more and more about them:

On June 15th, for example, official Twitter accounts for BIGBANG and 2NE1 (respectively @YG_GlobalVIP and @GlobalBlackjack) were created, as a reference and news source for fans all over the world to look up to and learn information from.

Twitter was already a very popular social network, used daily globally, but Korean celebrities most of the time used to prefer specific Korean portals, in the past, to hang around in the net, which most of the non-Korean speaking audiences couldn’t reach or understand.

The more or less recent rising attention towards a more international portal like Twitter obviously expresses a bigger desire from the industry to get attention from overseas fans, and also more willingness from the single artists to open up and get closer with the foreign public, sharing thoughts, personal experiences, or even simple gags.

Even though many Korean artists mostly tweet in Korean, inevitably making it impossible for foreign fans to understand them, a lot of hardworking Korean speakers take it upon themselves to translate those tweets on their accounts and let their overseas fellow fans know and enjoy the news as well. Furthermore, there are also many celebrities that are confident enough about their language skills to tweet posts in English every once in a while, making it easier for everyone who reads them.

It is very important, after all, for any company that wants to see a big growth in their product, to keep an eye on any potential outlet that can result in a source of income, but more than that, it’s essential to any artist that wants to get recognition worldwide as such, to show open-mindedness and reach out to all the people following their progress and admiring their work.

As this phenomenon goes on, I, as a foreigner, can’t help but feel pleased about the way the K-pop industry has been actively reaching out to therest of the world, in the past few years, and even more strongly recently, since it means that awareness is spreading among Korean artists and companies, that there’s a huge potential in overseas audiences and that their value is worth extending a big hand to.


What do you think, fellow readers and writers? Who else gets the feeling we’re all becoming part of a bigger, more united community?


Source: Twitter

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