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President of KBS says, “JYJ can apply for a retrial”

President of KBS recently said JYJ can apply for a new trial regarding their song “Pierrot” which was judged inappropriate for KBS.

At the parliamentary inspection of the committee on culture, sports, tourism, broadcasting and communication on the 4th, Jun Byung Hun, a member of the National Assembly, asked Kim In Kyu, president of KBS, “KBS said JYJ’s song “Pierrot” is inappropriate because it contains the word “P.S.M” in the lyrics. This allegedly indicates a specific person. What’s the standard of consideration?”

Kim replied, “According to a deliberate council, “P.S.M” indicates a specific person. JYJ said “P.S.M” is short for “Professional Success Music” but in that case, it doesn’t go along with the other lyrics.”

Kim added, “JYJ can apply for a retrial anytime.”

Jun asked, “KBS is a spokesperson for Lee Soo Man? Why don’t you believe the person who wrote the lyrics? Why do you have to translate “P.S.M” to Lee Soo Man?” Kim replied, “That is what the deliberate council said. I will tell them to translate more flexibly.”

On September 28, KBS judged JYJ’s song “Pierrot” is inappropriate for KBS to air. The reason was “Pierrot” makes a personal attack against Lee Soo Man, president of SM Entertainment.

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