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Rain becomes a PR ambassador of Military Manpower Administration

Rain has become a PR ambassador for the Military Manpower Administration.

Joining the military last year and serving in the army as a PR assistant at the Defense Agency for Public Information Services, Rain was named the 9th PR ambassador for the Military Manpower Administration on April 10 at 9:00 a.m. at the Seoul Regional Military Manpower Office.

A spokesperson for the Military Manpower Administration says, “We named Rain a PR ambassador for the Military Manpower Administration because we wished young people to model themselves after him and do their military service voluntarily.”

Kim Young Hoo, a director of the Military Manpower Administration asked Rain to let many young people know that it’s a truly proud thing to do their military service voluntarily.

At this, Rain said, “The role that I’ll be playing as a PR ambassador will be very marginal, but I’ll do my best to let many people know about the Military Manpower Administration and create an atmosphere that people who sincerely do their military service are to be socially respected and privileged.”

Rain then talked about his experiences in the military and answered questions asked by people who came to the Seoul Regional Military Manpower Office for a physical examination for conscription. He also started his official activities as a PR ambassador by carrying out the physical examination for conscription. He’ll be discharged from the service on July 10 next year.

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