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Rain sheds tears thinking of his past 10 years

Rain, who will join the military on the 11th of this month, showed a video of himself shedding tears.

On September 30, the ending part of Rain’s concert, which took place on the 25th of the same month, was updated on YouTube. In this movie, Rain said thank you to his fans with tears. He started his talk by mentioning his debut date but couldn’t continue any further because he started crying. He tried to stop but couldn’t. Eventually after wearing his sunglasses, he could continue talking, “it just went by like wind. At the opening of this concert, it was hard to continue because I suddenly remembered the day of my first audition. I went through hard times and already 10 years have been passed.”

Regarding his military service, “I will be fine. This is nothing. Everyone joins the military. I’m joining kind of late so it’s quite embarrassing,” he said. He also added, “Thank you so much for all of you who have sincerely supported me for the last 10 years. And my family as well. I love you all so much,” and bowed to his fans.

Rain is joining the military on the 11th.


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