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Rottyful Sky: is that her from “Utgine”? Album cover proves otherwise

Seoul, Korea – The young female artist who sang “Utgine” (meaning: “What a joke”) nine years ago has returned with a vengeance in a shockingly different mode.

Hanul is the first of Ryu Shi Won’s “abnormal106″ project, returning under the stage name of Rottyful Sky. Rottyful Sky released “No Way,” a digital-single album, and a teaser trailer for her 3D music video, showing off her well-toned physique. Now she has revealed a her album cover — another reason to be shocked.

The cute, sprightly little female singer who was once known as Hanul is now a charismatic female performer, and now all eyes are on her as the front runner in the “abnormal106″ lineup.

The album cover truly shows off her full-figured 3D voluptuousness, her washboard abs and clean-cut curves from there on down to her well-toned hips.

Netizens who viewed Rottyful Sky’s album cover have responded in surprise, exclaiming, “The 180-degree change is absolutely unbelievable,” and “The innocent girl has come out of her cocoon and metamorphosed into a charismatic diva!” among other generally agreeable responses.

Ryu Shi Won, the producer behind Rottyful Sky, shared his opinions of his up-and-coming star, saying, “Rottyful Sky is extremely talented and gifted musically. She is also of a highly industrious nature, always trying her best and then challenging herself to better still. We’ll support her and help her in her endeavors so she will one day be a successful artist beyond Korean borders as well.”

Rottyful Sky trains every day to stay ahead as an artist, practicing her moves and vocal training, on top of four hours of exercise and meditation to hasten her perfection as an Amazon.

Now that her charismatic album has been released, Rottyful Sky is ready begin full-fledged performance and other activities to realize her dream as a Hallyu Diva. The release version of her 3D music video “No Way,” a powerful electronic-dance piece, will debut on July 22 as she stars on “MNet Countdown” for her full metamorphosis.

Source: ReviewStar (Original article in Korean)
Photo from ReviewStar DB
Translated by Abe Jung

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