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SHINee, fanservice, and boys kissing… calm down, people!

Okay so, recently, during the SHINee World II concert in Seoul that ended barely 24 hours ago, Jonghyun and Taemin gave the fans a big shock during their solo performance, spicing it up in a moment where Jonghyun came up to the maknae, grabbed him by the hair and faked a passionate kiss while they kept dancing and singing close together.

I’m sure everyone saw the fancams.

Now, while there are the normal fans doing the proverbial “spazzing”, going crazy with giggles and looking at the pictures and videos over and over, there are also some very strange people who thought it was real, other people bursting in strings of angry comments about the way the two were acting, and even people that made rude comments about the boys’ sexuality.

I read all those comments and ask myself: Have they never before seen a performer on stage? Don’t they know what being on a stage with hundreds of thousands of people screaming for you means?

The answer to the second one is probably “no”, but still.

Fanservice is just that: a service to the fans. It’s part of what someone exhibiting on a stage has to do and it doesn’t give any insight on their true personality, regardless of what fans choose to believe. It shouldn’t be that hard to understand that, while doing such a passionate show –and already shirtless, to boot– Jonghyun had to give something “more” to the crowd, because it would have been anticlimactic otherwise.

And to all the people worried about Taemin’s “innocence”: don’t worry, he was having his fun too, he is a performer too, so he knew what he was doing and what he had to do, and also, whether the fans like it or not, he’s a grown man that knows how to work a crowd, just like Jonghyun.



More importantly, regarding all the people that said they were “enjoying” it more than how much two persons faking it should… well, all those people probably have never been on a stage before and don’t know what stage adrenaline is. When you’re the big star of an enormous concert with a sea of people around you worshipping your every move, it’s easy to get excited for just about anything, and it’s a sensation so fierce that it gives you the power to do anything and feel good about it.

Even more so if you’re on a stage together with someone whom you’ve been close with for years, and that is practically family, and you’re sharing this enticing moment of pure glory with everyone around cheering you on. I know this is only an opinion, and I can’t absolutely claim to possess the truth, but it’s at least a calm, respectful and rational explanation of why I think it’s unnecessary to get so worked up about something as trivial as thirty seconds of fanservice, instead of just enjoying the steamy show and cheer on the guys for their awesome work.

After all, K-pop fans of all the kinds and ages have been mostly okay with any fanservice from any group –and most K-pop fans know and remember that there’s been much more from other singers, in the past– but the instant SHINee (and in particular Taemin) get involved, it becomes a big deal and everyone makes a fuss out of this?

As a SHINee fan, and as a coherent adult, I couldn’t just stand and watch without trying to give people a wake-up call.

So please everyone, don’t get distracted by the little things and remember why you like SHINee: because of their great music, their astounding singing and dancing talents, their countless charms and their ability to keep the fans’ hearts alive and aflame. …and, as they so recently and so explosively demonstrated, they never cease to surprise.

Source for the pic: Tumblr

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