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SHINee Jonghyun, a parental figure?

One way or another, the SHINee boys never cease to amaze us.

It’s Jonghyun’s turn, this time, to leave people all over the net with either a big smile or a “awww” sound on their lips. The idol often uses his recently created Twitter account to do gag-posts and upload things that will make his fans laugh, more often than not with passionate attempts at drawing or comic strips and captions, not always on the appropriate side of content.

After a recent string of rather hilarious tweets about birds’ waste on his car, laughing off a situation that most car owners find very irritating (not to mention mildly disgusting), Jonghyun followed back a user named Lincoln, who is a child that the SHINee members met during one of the latest episodes of the popular program “Star King”.

Fancams around the web have shown the singer hold the kid up in his arms and playing with him, going as far as catching the paper confetti falling from the ceiling for the child to see and play with. Female fans were especially impressed by how comfortable and natural the scene looked, and commented with remarks like “he is going to be a great father”.

Jonghyun’s surprising parental senses made themselves known when he tweeted to the child “(…) I think my tweets will be harmful for your self-development… I’m worried… sleep well(…)”.

What was less surprising was the discovery that the twitter account was actually managed by the child’s mother, who probably acted on her baby’s wish to keep in touch with his “SHINee hyung”.

screenshot of the posts

Upon finding this out, the idol apologized to her saying “I thought you were Lincoln so I said nonsense”, and then repeated the greeting to sleep well, but with honorifics.

Jonghyun’s first reaction to the message was probably in a cheerful, easygoing tone; but worrying about what would be appropriate for a kid to see, when exposed to something as vast as the internet, even if lightheartedly, is nevertheless a sign of responsibility and maturity –especially considering that, as a celebrity, people of all ages will look up to him, and younger kids will try to imitate his behavior; so it was particularly admirable of him to express concern about goofing around too much while a kid is watching.

Little funny occurrences like this one are part of what makes people proud of being K-pop fans.


Source: Jonghyun’s twitter ; @shiningtweets (translated tweets)

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