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SHINee’s Key never takes a guy with him when meeting girls

SHINee, the boys of older female fans’ dreams and the youngest “idol” group in Korea, reveal each member’s drinking habits.

In this week’s episode of Weekly Idol-This Week’s Idol, SHINee appears as a guest and each member is looked into in depth. Talk about their drinking habits draws the most attraction. The production crew have gotten very excited as the group does not hesitate to freely talk about this.

First, Key starts off with a short anecdote about what happened at a get-together, unveiling On.U’s drinking habits. On hearing this, On.U gets back at him by revealing Key’s drinking habits. He says, “Whenever Key gets drunk, he becomes pretty and full of charm,” and surprises everyone on the set with his unusual way of acting.

When the emcee Defcon asks, “Does Key treat girls differently  from guys?” all the members give shocking answers such as, “I don’t see the difference” or “He never brings a guys with him who might be better than he is at meeting girls.”

Despite all the bombshells dropped, Key remains calm and saves himself with his sense of humor. Also, the star makes all the staff on the set burst out laughing by actively participating in a “cute gesture” contest. He appeals with his so-called “Key’s cute charm from birth” against “Jung Hyung Don’s cute gestures.”

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