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Sistar represents K-pop as honorary ambassadors for K-pop Cover Dance Festival

Sistar will represent K-pop.

Sistar will become honorary ambassadors for the 2012 K-pop Cover Dance Festival, which will be held in celebration of Korea Visit Year, at the Press Center on June 25.

This year is the second year for the festival, and the festival is receiving an enthusiastic response from K-pop fans from all over the world. Over 700 teams from about 50 countries have already applied for the festival. Many fans of Sistar from North America, Oceania, and Africa are currently uploading Sistar’s cover dance videos.

Sistar say, “We’re so happy and proud to represent K-pop after KARA. To thank the K-pop fans, we’ll do our best to promote the festival.”

The teams that passed the preliminary round on the festival’s official website (http://www.coverdance.org) will compete offline in the semifinal in each country. The winning teams will be invited to Korea and go to the final at the end of September.

The semifinal will be held in Nigeria on June 23 and in Hungary, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brazil, India, Thailand, Australia, Russia, Japan, and Korea in order. Sistar will visit the country that has the largest number of contestants as honorary ambassadors and judges.

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