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SNSD’s Sooyoung looks like a blond Barbie doll

SNSD’s Sooyoung recently showed off her beautiful legs and transformed into a Barbie doll.

Sooyoung shot a pictorial for the magazine High Cut, which will be published on May 17. Since she has the most beautiful legs among SNSD members, she complemented the pictorial with her mannequin-like figure. She wore a blond wig and looked like a goddess.

She wore various clothes from the ’2012 S/S Tory Burch Collection,’ which is inspired from Deauville. Deauville has been a fashionable holiday resort in France for the international upper class. Sooyoung proved that she is a fashionista by wearing a resort style look, elegant dresses, and feminine lady look.

After the photo shoot, she gave an interview and talked about her first TV series tvN’s The Third Ward. “It’s hard for me to perform my character in the series because she acts all cutesy, but I don’t. SNSD members don’t act cutesy to men so I can’t even learn from them.”

She also talked about her life as a member of SNSD. “Thanks to group members, I was able to become successful in my life. While people my age were working part time to go to school, I took a dream car with the other 8 members. I’m honored to receive a lot of love from so many people.”

When she was asked how she feels about being called as fashionista, she said, “I’m interested in fashion and I’m glad that people think I’m a fashionista.”

Sooyoung’s pictorial will be included in the 77th issue of the magazine and other undisclosed pictures will be released online.

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