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Songs that made idol groups popular

Songs that made idol groups popular were recently released online and drew a lot of attention.

An online community posted a note with the caption, “Songs that made idol groups popular.”

The note includes various hit songs which made idol stars and top K-pop groups popular, both inside and outside of the country.

The song “Lie” made Big Bang popular, “Abracadabra” made Brown Eyed Girls popular, “Tell Me” made Wonder Girls popular, “Gee” made SNSD popular, “Mr.” made KARA popular, “Good Day” made IU popular, and “Shock” made B2ST popular.

The songs received considerable attention and love not only from teenagers but also from people in their 20s and 30s.

People responded: “It’s kind of a subjective selection but I generally agree.” “SNSD has become a national idol group with their song “Gee.”" “These songs really brought huge popularity to the groups.” “They really have become popular after these songs.” “Isn’t it another song?” “I think certain members made the groups popular.”

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