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T-ara is caught up in bad behavior controversy

Girl group T-ara was recently caught up in a controversy regarding their onstage attitude.

A person uploaded a picture to an online community with the caption, “I’m disappointed with T-ara.”

The person wrote, “T-ara came to our city festival. If you look at the first picture, T-ara members are laughing and talking to each other. Are they disrespecting my neighborhood? I can’t understand how they could do that and get paid for it.”

On the 16th, Hyomin tweeted, “That was just a part of the performance. We laugh and play on stage to make the performance more enjoyable. I think that people misunderstood what we were doing.”

Hyomin added, “We are not perfect but we always try our best. We will try hard to become a better group. Please don’t misunderstand us.”

Some people responded: “See the video and then judge T-ara.” “Let’s check the truth first and then leave a comment.”

Many people, however, responded: “I think they have bad manners.” “They should have said they were sorry rather than making an excuse.” “I don’t think this is the first time they did that.”

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