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T-ara’s agency upset over Hwa Young’s comments

On July 30, T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, announced that they had canceled Hwa Young’s contract. Hwa Young expressed her feelings by tweeting, “The facts without the truth.” Then the agency said that Hwa Young was not admitting her faults and disclosed her ill behavior and incidents.

The agency said, “After completing their Japanese concert, T-ara arrived in Korea and appeared on KBS’s Music Bank on July 27. Hwa Young, however, suddenly said that she would not perform on the stage when only two teams were left before their turn.”

“Hwa Young decided to perform sitting on a chair due to her injured leg and she even did a rehearsal for the performance. But she suddenly said that she would not appear on stage.”

“Eunjung and Hyomin had to cover Hwa Young’s rap in order not to cause problems during the program. Hyomin made mistakes on the stage because she was nervous about the sudden change.”

According to the agency, Hwa Young said that she would not perform on stage and left the set to go home. But on her way home, she threw her crutches away in front of her fans and threatened managers saying that she would scream in front of everyone. She was out of control several times and some fans tipped off the media outlets about her behavior.

The agency said, “After Music Bank, the managers were scolded by the broadcasting company. But they tried to protect Hwa Young by saying that she couldn’t appear on stage because she suddenly collapsed.”

“Even though Hwa Young is the youngest member of the group, she has been acting like she is the top star while the rest of the members have been enduring her actions.”

According to the agency, even though there are several incidents regarding Hwa Young, president Kim wanted to protect her by keeping those incidents under wraps. They also said that it is unfortunate that she felt the need to leave such a comment on her Twitter account.

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