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TEENTOP’s Chun Ji says, “I like a tough girl who treats me harshly”

TEENTOP’s Chun Ji recently attracted attention by talking about his ideal type.

In the episode of MBC TV’s Our Sunday Night – Namshim Yeoshim that will air on May 20, ten hosts will talk about their experiences in dating before they start giving advice to singles.

On the set, Chun Ji received special attention, getting several questions from other hosts.

Chun Ji was asked, “Have you ever dated before?” and he said, “Only once in the past!” At this, Oh Man Suk asked, “You’re twenty now. If you’ve dated once in the past, when exactly was it?” and Chun Ji hesitated to respond.

Chun Ji was also asked, “What is your ideal type?” and he got laughs by saying, “I like a tough girl who treats me harshly!”

As female hosts Jung Sun Hee and Choi Song Hyun shouted at Chun Ji and pretended to act harshly, he again got laughs by saying, “I love that kind of extreme actions! Good!” Another female host Shin Bong Sun quieted things down by saying, “What he meant by harsh was the way you treat him, not the way you look.”

It will air on May 20 at 5:15 p.m.

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