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The 9th member of T-ara unveiled, “She is cute”

The 9th member of girl group T-ara, composed of 7 members, was recently unveiled. She is a cute middle school girl named Dani.

On May 23, several pictures of Dani were exclusively obtained by Starnews.

In the pictures, Dani has a baby face and she is showing off her innocent beauty. She also looks cute. She is attractive enough to be chosen as the new youngest member of the group.

She turned 14 this year and she lives in Los Angeles. She has been living in the United States since she was 4 years old. She is currently preparing to join the group by traveling in Korea and the United States.

Dani is planning to appear in a music video for T-ara’s new song, which will be released in July. But first, she will meet the public via video. She will join the group later this year after the 8th member joins the group in July.

In April, Kim Kwang Soo, president of T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, officially announced, “Two new members will join the group and T-ara will become a group, which is composed of 9 members.”

On May 23, a spokesperson for the agency, said, “T-ara will make a new start this summer. The group will be composed of 9 members but 8 members will start working first.”

The spokesperson also mentioned the 8th member, saying, “She is a beautiful and talented 19 year old girl.”

Many popular songwriters will help make T-ara’s new album. Cho Young Soo and Sinsa-dong Tiger, who have been working with T-ara, will also help the group to return in the summer.

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