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The lawsuit of the three members of Kara is just a protocol – Tae Jin Ah: “There is still a possibility of mutual consent”

Seoul, Korea — The three members of Kara (Kang Jiyoung, Jung Nicole, Han Seung Yeon), who are in discord with their agency, DSPmedia, because of their contract, are going through the legal processes. But the processes are only a protocol and they say that there is still a possibility of mutual consent.

It was announced that on the 16th, the three members presented a warrant to the Seoul Western District Court, authorizing the law firm Hangyeol Hanwool as their attorney.

Accordingly, there were talks of whether the discussions between the lawyers of both sides led by Tae Jin Ah, the chairman of the Korea Singers Association, failed.

However on the 18th, through a phone call with TV Report, Chairman Tae Jin Ah dismiss the rumors by saying, “To my knowledge, the lawyers of both sides have almost come to an agreement. It is taking longer than expected but actually, they are in the last stages.”

He also said, “The lawsuit filed previously and the warrant presented by the three members are just legal protocols. Even though the legal proceedings are continuing, discussions are still taking place and if they reach an agreement, the lawsuit will be withdrawn.”

In February, when the lawsuit for the existence of exclusive contracts was filed to the Seoul Western District Court, Kang’s father said, “The lawsuit is part of a planned legal process and can be withdrawn anytime depending on the negotiations.”

However, even though they are in the last stages, the fact that both sides aren’t reaching an agreement is an uneasy factor. It seems the conditions requested by the three members to DSP, such as a reduction of the contract until August of 2012 and the change of management, are difficult to proceed with.

According to a person familiar with both sides said that one of the two requests have been agreed on and there is still a possibility of mutual agreement.

The Kara situation started on the 19th of January with the announcement by the three members of Kara of the termination of their contracts with their agency DSPmedia. If both sides do not come to an agreement, the situation is expected to settle in court.

By Cho Woo Young (gilmong@tvreport.co.kr)
Photo from TVReport DB
Translated by Sung Kyu Chang / Korea.com 

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