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TOTOMATO — Zelo’s bunny robot

Finally! The day has arrived for all Matokis to set on earth. :)

ToToMato, the last Matoki of B.A.P, owned by their maknae-rapper / dancer, Zelo (Choi Junhong) arrived today, June 11, 2012.

They both posses the cuteness of a baby but still manages to be like a warrior on their own.

On ToToMato’s video, he is somewhat a non-talkative Matoki. BUT! His master, Zelo, is very active every time. Why? First it was Jongup’s Matoki who confuses me, now it’s Zelo’s. But then, I never mind the confusion. :D

Matoki Line-up:

  1. Shishimato — Bang Yongguk — May 22
  2. Tatsmato — Kim Himchan — May 27
  3. Dadamato — Moon Jongup — May 30
  4. Jokomato — Yoo Youngjae — June 4
  5. Kekemato — Jung Daehyun — June 7

SOURCE: Matoki’s Facebook and Youtube

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